Guess my Albertertsons savings…

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The Price before any discounts was $66.09
I went for a late night Albertsons run. I visited 2 stores, I went in each store twice so I could make sure to use 4 coupons matches for each trip in.
I purchased :
14 bags of Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish Crackers
2 bottles of Gillette Shave Gel
1 double pack of Dove soap
1 box of Crunch’n munch
1 bottle of V8 Fusion
1 mystique razor with refill
4 boxes of Smuckers Uncrustables
(Hint- I was able use $6 in calatina coupons from last week, So that amount came off the final price.)
I want you to GUESS how much I paid for all of this. Leave a comment with a $ amount, and your first name, with the first letter of your last name. The person who is closest to the dollar amount will WIN 2 coupons good for a total of 2 free bags of Riceworks chips. ?These chips are $2.66 a bag. ?SO you will get over $5 of free chips if you win. ?I will end this contest at ?1:00 pm?MTN time, and I will post the name of the winner. ?So leave me a comment and ?guess how much I paid.SORRY GIVEAWAY HAS NOW ENDED
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