GUESS THE VEGETABLE ~ Grand Prize a $75 Gift Card and Birds Eye Vegetables (Now Over)

Did you see our post earlier today about Veggie Smoothies, make sure you check it out for great recipes to get kids to eat their vegetables .

Are you ready to play another fun little game… GUESS THE VEGETABLE.  Every 5-10 minutes I will remove one of the push pins to reveal more of the picture or as the right answer is guessed.  You can guess as many times as you want, We will be looking for one answer at a time IN ORDER.  SO if you guess the right answer but at the wrong time it does not count.… I will be offering clues in the comment section of this post if you are having a hard time guessing .  Good Luck!

  • 1st Winner will be the FIRST one to comment to guess What vegetable is under the GREEN pin.  It is not a photo, but the NAME of the vegetable.  (will win a free Birds Eye Vegetable Coupon)
  • 2nd Winner will be the FIRST one to comment to tell me What vegetable is under the YELLOW pin(will win a free Birds Eye Vegetable Coupon)
  • 3rd Winner will be the FIRST one to comment to tell me What number is under the BLUE pin? (will win a free Birds Eye Vegetable Coupon)
  •  After all the items have been guesses a GRAND PRIZE Winner will be selected from from all the comments left of this post…. so make as many comments as you want.  The more guesses the better chance you have of winning!


The winners will be announced live, I will need you to send me an email with your shipping address with the words BIRDS EYE WINNER in the subject line! Thanks again to Birds Eye Vegetables for being today’s sponsor for our game.  Guessing will go live at 9:00 mst, and end once I announce the last winner on this post.  Keep updating your screen, I will be posting all the new photos right on this same post. If no one guessed the correct  items we will just draw a winner from the comments left.
 We have our first winner Constitutionchic 5 pts blue  rubarb
 1st pin has been taken off.. we are now looking for what is under the YELLOW PIN
  We have our 2nd winner ~  BarbHeither 6 pts green olive
2nd pin is now taken off… we are now looking for the NUMBER under the blue pin.  It is between 1- 200
 We have our 3rd winner ~mkh1270 5 pts  133
Give me a second to enter the numbers into to select the grand prize winner!
Winners PLEASE email me your name and mailing address with the words Vegetable Game in the subject line.  You have 24 hours to do this.
Congrats to the grand prize winner ~ KaileeB 7 pts 3
1st winner ~ Constitutionchic 5 pts blue  rubarb
2nd winner ~  BarbHeither 6 pts green olive
3rd winner ~mkh1270 5 pts  133
Thanks again to Birds Eye Vegetables for being tonight’s sponsor!  Thanks to all my readers for playing  along!

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