Guess what I am game- Summer fun idea

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I thought I would post one of my own ideas in our entertaining the kids series this month.   This is a fun game my kids love to play, it  keeps them busy for hours.  We call it “Guess what I am game”.

You need a 3×5 index card or a piece of paper will work too, something to draw with, tape and a few friends to play with.

Have the kids sit down and draw pictures, you can give them a theme like animals, vegetables, letters, numbers, or just about anything.   Put all the cards into a pile then have them drawn a card (WITHOUT looking at it) place it on their forehead.  Then they have to ask questions about their card, to figure out what they are.

For example:

  • What color am I?
  • Can you eat me?
  • Do I have eyes?
  • What noise do I make?

Once everyone has figured out what they are, draw a new card and play again.  Or swap cards and play again….. Super simple fun and Thrifty game for the little ones!

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