Guess what I found in the corner of my family room….

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spiderman on the cat standWe had  family and friends over to our house yesterday after we blessed our new baby Madilyn at church.  The parents were in the kitchen talking, the girls where upstairs playing dress up and the boys were in the family room playing Xbox.  But I could not find my 4 year old son Maveric.  I then spotted something in the corner of the room.

There he was on top of the cat stand…..  Fully dressed in his spider-man costume.  Ready to save the day, this boy cracks me up.  I had no idea he even put the suit on, so to find him perched on top the cat stand gave me a good laugh.

spiderman on the cat stand


  1. Lol. I so see that! Caleb and Jacob both have spiderman costumes from last years Halloween they wear all the time lol

  2. My son is turning 2 next month and he climbs anything without fear, scarry but Yup sometimes they do crack us up.

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