Half off Movie tickets – On sale Today only – 2/5

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89480oza5v-lgGet $24 worth of movie tickets for only $12

Every one loves a good movie. And with Valentines Day coming up in a week, a good movie is almost always on the list! Right now through Moolala you can get $24 worth of movie tickets at over 1900 movie theaters across the nation for only $12 total!

How to get this:

  • Go HERE
  • login in or sign up for free
  • Click on “Today’s Deal” on the top
  • and Buy Deal for the movie tickets
  • Must purchase today for this deal so hurry
  • Tickets good for regular seating, reserved seating and special events

So save tons and enjoy a good movie – Tickets are good for



  1. Be sure to go to the site and check to see if there are any theaters close to you that will take them; there is one that does about 30 minutes from me but it plays second-run movies so not a good deal.

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