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pumOne of our readers sent us this great tip and link:

Halloween costumes have gotten expensive, haven’t they? I was looking for a Kung Fu Panda outfit for my son and they’re $40 new! Unbelievable for something he’ll wear once. With budgets tighter this year, moms (like me) are looking for ways to save on Halloween.

PicClick.com, a visual eBay browser, is seeing more people searching for Halloween costumes this year on eBay. With PicClick you can see up to a hundred products on one page compared to a handful in the standard eBay view. As we all know, the human mind can scan and process images much more quickly than text. It’s a great new way to explore and discover new things on eBay.

Shop for Halloween costumes on eBay through PicClick to buy discounted or once-used costumes

· Hunt thrift stores, garage sales and dollar stores for affordable decorations

· Buy candy in bulk from warehouse store like Sam’s Club, Winco, Albertsons, or your local stores.

· Get creative and make your own costume

· Start shopping right after Halloween for next year to get deep discounts

· Buy Halloween decorations last minute for big savings

Thanks Susan!

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