Halloween Treat Idea ~ Spooky Eyeballs

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Need a quick and easy Halloween treat idea?  Check out these Spooky Eyeball Treats made with Hostess powdered Donettes.  My kids would love these.

Spooky Eyes

What you need:

  • Red frosting gel
  • Green frosting gel
  • 6 powdered sugar Hostess Donettes
  • 3 red ring-shaped hard candies
  • 3 green ring-shaped hard candies
  • 6 semi-sweet chocolate chips

Use red frosting gel to draw 4 or 5 lines from center of Donette to outer edges to resemble bloodshot eye. Position ring-shaped hard candy over the hole in the center of the Donette, using frosting gel in coordinating color as glue. Place a chocolate chip on top of candy to resemble eye, again using frosting gel as glue.

Makes 6 servings.

Thanks Hostess for this idea

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