Make this years Valentines Day special without breaking the bank.

My 4 year old wanted to do a craft project with Mom so this is what we made.

 It was fun, and turned out rather cute!

You will need

  • A pair or little hands :)
  • Red paint
  • Paint brush or sponge
  • Card stock… I used a 12×12 sheet cut in half then folded to make a card
  • Marker

handmade valentines idea

On a side note you might want to make sure your little one is wearing an old shirt… cause they always seem to get paint everywhere!

handmade valentines.jpg

Use the red paint to cover the fingers and palm of their hand.  You will need to act quick so it does not dry.  Only do one hand at a time.  We painted her hand 4 times to make 4 cards then switched to the other hand and painted it 4 times as well.

handmade valentines.jpg

Firmly press  hand down, with the thumb pointing down to form half the heart.
childrens handmade valentines idea

 Once the paint is dry write your messages and draw a heart in the middle.

It was a fun little afternoon project!

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