Make this years Valentines Day special without breaking the bank.

valentines day ideas

Did you know you can make paper fortune cookies… for pennies!

Or FREE if you have extra scrapbook paper laying around like I do.

I just use a drinking glass to trace circles on the page.

The bigger the circle the bigger the cookie will be.  I

 find a 3 inch circle works pretty well.

valentines cookies.jpg

Write your love notes on a small strip of paper and place in the middle, you can fold it in half  to help keep it inside and not sticking out the ends.

Fold the circle in half, but DO NOT crease the end flat.

how to make a fortune cookie.jpg

Put your thumb and your middle finger on the ends, and use your pointer finger gentle press the middle inward.

valentines cookies.jpg

Place a small glue dot in the fold to hold it in place.

Easy at that you have some very  CUTE Valentines fortune cookies!

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valentines cookies.jpg


  1. Thanks for this great craft! We used it in our Chinese New Year crate ( Your site will appear as a credit in our Parent Guide and the crate being shipped out this month. Keep up the great work!! We love it!

  2. Love, love, love this idea!! Thanks for sharing. These will definitely be added to my Valentine’s Day treat bags.

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