Happy Easter!

First off I just want to tell you all Happy Easter.  I will be watching General Conference, our Semi annual gathering for church, and spending the day with my family.  I  just wanted to share a family tradition we have of making a BUNNY cake.  Matt’s family makes one every Easter, and have passed the tradition on to my kids.

img_0318You  bake  a normal cake mix in 2 circle 9 inch pans.  One of the circles you cut the edges off to make the ears and what is left makes the bunny bow tie.  We got the cake mix for .25 cents at Albertsons about 2 months ago.  We made our own frosting so the whole cake cost less than $2 to make.  My kids love to help and think it the best cake ever!  Simple and Thrifty, but creates great memories for the kids!


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