Have no fear…. A Thrifty Mom and her coupon binder are near!

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I got an unexpected package in the mail…. opened it up and found these fun little goodies.

So I did what any normally person would do… put them on (in my PJ’S no less) and ran in at lightning speed and jumped on the couch in front of my very confused husband.  He just gave me that look … What on earth are you doing.  Come on, it was a fun way to start the day… I think I should do it more often.

Well the package came from Savers, and they wanted me to pass along a little information about Halloween.  And let you all know that they have  a large selection of new and used costumes at affordable prices.

Here are some other interesting findings from Savers Halloween Shopping Survey:

  •   Décor is almost as important as costumes – More than half of consumers plan to decorate their homes for Halloween, and 43 percent plan to decorate both indoors and outdoors. Savers offers tons of DIY ideas online and in their stores that provides you with supplies needed and directions on how to make the perfect home décor and costumes yourself this Halloween!
  • Dog costumes are growing in popularity – pet owners expect to spend $59 on average to costume their four-legged family member.This is more than they expect to spend on themselves or their kids’ costumes!
  • People plan ahead for Halloween – Most people spend 61 days planning and preparing their costume. This isn’t surprising as more and more people (54 percent) are combining new and used items or making their costume by hand to put together a unique and economical look. Savers has special costume consultants in each and every Savers and/or Value Village store. They’d be happy to chat with you!
  • Despite the economy, people want a new Halloween look – 90 percent of adults and 93 percent of kids that dress up say they sport a fresh look each Halloween versus wearing the same costume as a previous Halloween. Many times people use elements from a previous costume and add new pieces or accessories for a whole new look, rather than going as the exact same character multiple years.

Have no fear…. A Thrifty Mom and her coupon binder are near!

Oh ya and if you missed what they sent me last year then watch the video below….. still makes me laugh.

Or you can click here to watch it

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