Have you ever eaten divinity with a spoon…. Holiday disaster story ~ Share your holiday tips

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Ingard here, I am excited that I have the opportunity to represent A Thrifty Mom at the Kenmore Blogger Summit in Chicago at the end of this week. This years summit will be centered around the holidays.
A few things that they have asked from me is my MUST have Holiday recipe. Well being the candy loving girl I am I shared my mom’s fudge recipe on

Cookmore.com (good site to share and gather recipes from, contests, giveaways and prizes and sign up for FREE).
The next challenge was to come up with a funny holiday disaster story… this contemplation brought up this story that I am sharing with all of you.

I have loved the homemade candies from the holidays since my aunt would give our family a LOVELY tray of sweet goodness each year. So, the tradition of holiday candy making for me was born. My favorite candy from that tray was the fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth white mounds of divinity. My mother had always said it was VERY hard to make and so I was terrified to try it. Once married and living 2000+ miles from my mother and family, I endeavored to try my hand at this divinity challenge.

My first attempt was highly successful so my courage was bolstered, however, the next year did not end so well. I was left with what to do with the ‘divinity soup’ and due to my thrifty nature, this mess was not going to be disposed of, oh NO way! I handed out many spoons to each of our perplexed guests and family. While they all obliged me (their hostess) by dipping in their spoons and testing out the ingredients, I tried not to make eye contact as we passed around the bowl of white, sticky, soupy ‘divinity’.
Each year I try again, playing with my recipe and taking into account the humidity in the air, sometimes with success and others not so much but I haven’t resorted to sharing my holiday treat bags with ‘spoon divinity’ again.
Now I am reaching out to all of you to share YOUR Holiday tips. We as A Thrifty Mom community love to hear from each other and the holidays are difficult enough lets share tips with one another to make the burden lighter.
So leave a comment here in this post of your Holiday tips.


  1. My grandma never made divinity without having an angel food cake handy incase the divinity failed!

  2. My mom said never make divinity on a rainy day we grew up in Wa. state. Her divinity always turned out. She made alot with lime jello and strawberry and she made almond. it was delicious

  3. Made divinity the first time n it came out great. Don’t try doubling the recipe it does not work. Lost the recipe I had. Anybody have the recipe to share?

  4. I made cranberry bliss bars for a cookie exchange and I thought all the pans were done all the way through. All four pans were still gooey when I cut into them and they were already decorated and frosted so I couldn’t put them back in the oven. Luckily I was able to get enough from the edges to give for the party and the rest we ate even though it was gooey. It was still delicious!

  5. Leah, I have heard the same thing. I tried making it a few times this summer when there was no humidity and hot as blazes and it still turned into “fudge”.

  6. I have the same problem with the Divinity! I hear that the humidity in the air has a lot to do with the out. come. If you figure it out I’d really appreciate it if you would share the secret with me! Thanks Much!! 🙂

  7. Every year I try to make Divinity, and every year I fail. I have made plenty of “fudge” divinity though. I have no idea what I do wrong. Every year I try different variations and end up with a disaster! When I was a kid though, my Mom made the pies for Thanksgiving. We had all our sugar, flour, salt, etc in large containers. She accidentally used salt instead of sugar in the pies. That is the most memorable disaster.

  8. already had my disaster by using baking soda instead of baking powder in a cake recipe. My fault…

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