Have you given a gift like this?

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IMG_2438My little Sister is getting married next month.  We had a bridal shower for her this weekend.  In an effort to try to help her get set for her first place.  We had a kitchen shower for her. To some it may not seem as fun as your typical shower with “all lotions, and frilly stuff”.  But I am very practical, and I knew that a kitchen shower would be much more useful.

We asked everyone who came to bring their favorite recipe, and bring the ingredients to that recipe.  Or the dish you like to cook in best.  Or your favorite foods, in an effort to try to fill her pantry.  We had a great turn out, and it was fun to see all the yummy meal ideas.

My little sister does not coupon, so I was happy to pass along some items from my stock pile.  I filled a garbage can with hand towels, and personal care items.  If I was to pay full price for items in  it, they would have been over $50.  But it only cost me a few dollars.

I them took a large box and stuffed it full of food items.  I added it up and in the box was over $100.00 in food.  But they were all items I got with coupons or sales so it cost me less than $10.  So I was able to give my little sister a great gift that would have cost over $150, for about $15.

Do you ever give gifts like this?  Or am I the only crazy older sister out there?


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