HD video recording and Sun Glasses Combined – Best Electronic gift idea

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HD video glassesInventio-HD Pro 1080P Video Sunglasses (1080p 30fps & 720p 60fps)

As low as $149.00 and free shipping

  • 1080P Lens (30FPS, 16:9 Ratio) or 720P Lens (60FPS, 16:9 Ratio)
  • Storage: Takes standard Micro SD cards up to 32GB big (not included), allowing you to record for hours uninterrupted.
  • Weatherproof & Durable Sunglasses Frames
  • Easy One-Touch Operation – Audio Alerts for Recording Functions
  • Fully PC and MAC Compatible

Welcome to the new world of wearable video cameras. These sleek and stylish sunglasses also conceal a powerful video camera capable of shooting razor sharp full HD video. Record the world from your perspective, no matter what you’re doing, whether hunting, fishing, skateboarding, mountain climbing, driving, or even just surveilling your city. The camera’s incredibly advanced image stabilization enables you to capture even the most extreme activities in ultra-smooth quality, making shaky videos a thing of the past.

Using the Inventio HD Pro Video Glasses is extremely easy and intuitive. Recording can be started or stopped with the press of a button, and a miniature speaker on the glasses’ earpiece will even alert you to when the camera is recording, ensuring you never need to remove the glasses. And with a Micro SD card capacity of up to 32GB, you never need to worry about running out of space.

Video: The camera records in either 1080p at 30fps, or in 720p at 60fps, the latter of which allows you to capture very fast action scenarios with ease. They also include an extremely high ISO, meaning that even low-light settings can be captured in stunning brilliance.

Durable: The sunglasses are built to endure even the most rugged applications, and can survive falls, scrapes, collisions and their water-resistant frame means they’re even impervious to rain or snow.

Battery: Can record continuously for 2 hours.

Audio Indicators: Speakers located on the earpiece provide audio indicators that tell you when the device is recording, meaning you never need to remove the glasses to start or stop recording.



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