Heart Garland~ Easy Valentine’s Day Craft

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Heart Garland~ Easy Valentine’s Day Craft

This garland is so easy!  This craft is an easy one to do with your kids.  I love the idea of them personalizing the colors to whatever their favorites are right now.

You will need:

Card stock (just regular size 8.5×11)

scissors or paper trimmer


That is it!

heart garland, #valentinesday, #valentinescrafts,#thriftycrafts, #valentinesdaycrafts, #easycrafts,  #heartgarland, #hearts, #bemine

Begin by trimming your paper lengthwise into 1.5 inch strips.  I used 2 different colors, dark and light pink and did 2 sheets of each.  Made a pretty long garland.  Once your strips are all cut, grab 4 strips (2 of each color if you are doing it my way).  Place your 2 light pink together on the inside, and the 2 dark pink making a sandwich out of the light pink.  The dark pink is the “bread” of your sandwich.   Staple them all 4 together.  Now, pull the ends of the dark pink down, this will form the top of your heart.  Grab 2 light pink strips and staple them on as pictured in photo #4.  Now pull the open ends down, and repeat.  Keep doing this until you are out of strips.  When you get to the end of your strips, staple the ends (photo #5).  Now you can hang with tape or thumb tacks to add some Valentine’s flare anywhere in your home!

heart garland, #valentinesday, #valentinescrafts, #valentinesdaycrafts, #thriftycrafts, #heartgarland, #easycrafts, #hearts, #bemine


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