Honest Diapers only $4.95 shipped (normally $79.99) ~ UPDATe :(

UPDATE***  I want to let you know that this offer is VERY MISLEADING … as in the photos below it “looks” like you are getting $79.95 in product for the trial offer and all you pay is $4.95.   You will then be a member and start getting monthly shipments.  They give you 3 chances to cancel your membership within 7 days and you get to keep your first shipment with no other shipments or charges.  AFTER looking into this further they are ONLY sending you 7 diapers and 10 wipes for $4.95…. FAR from the good deal they make it look like in the photos.    I called the Honest Company and let them know that this offer is FAR from honest in fact very misleading and I feel like it is false advertising! 

I  told them I write and blog and shared this offer will all my reader, but feel I was mislead and needed to let you all know as well.  You can call them as well at 1.888.862.8818 if you choose to cancel your orders.   I told them I felt their wording and photos NEEDED to be changed ASAP if they do in fact want an Honest free trial offer.

 WOW  do you want to know how to get $79.99 in Diapers and Wipes for $4.95 …The Honest Company founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan is offering a FREE TRIAL offer.  The Honest Company was created to help moms and to give all children a better, safer start. Within the Honest Company, you will find Products that take care. Products that exceed expectations. Products guaranteed to not only satisfy, but also delight.

Hurry and grab this offer before they fill all the free trial spots!

TO start out you will pick boy or girl, select patterns you like, and answer a FEW short questions…. then select which package you want.  You get the package for FREE just pay $4.95 shipping.  You can pick from the diaper package or the Family Essentials package.

With your free Discovery Kit you will become enrolled as a MEMBER of The Honest Company. You have 7 days following receipt of your Discovery Kit to cancel your membership at any time, for any reason. We will remind you several times about your membership options. If you choose to not cancel your membership, you will be charged $79.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling for your monthly supply of Diapers, or $35.95 plus $3.95 shipping and handling for your monthly supply of Family Essentials. They guarantee your complete satisfaction!


5 thoughts on “Honest Diapers only $4.95 shipped (normally $79.99) ~ UPDATe :(”

  1. Finally got thru the busy tone almost 5 hours later and have been on hold now for 28 minutes.
    Its a very pleasant young lady saying ‘we are sorry its taking so long, please continue to hold for the next Honest support specialist’, with some ~lovely~ music playing. This company is BS. I am angry because I liked Jessica Alba but now I realize this is just another scam company trying to take our hard earned money and not giving anything valuable for it. These diapers are super cute but why do I want something that leaks right out. 
    Once I got thru the girl cancelled pretty quickly for me but mentioned their sizes run differently and that might be why they leak. I said he is a size 4 in every other diaper and it didn’t leak out the sides, it leaked THRU the absorbent part! Not cool.
    Anyways proceed with caution and cancel within the 7 days if you don’t like the product. Also leave yourself like an entire day to get them on the line! Good luck. Maybe I will use one of the cute pattern diapers for a photo shoot that lasts 10 minutes before he pees again.

  2. Momto2Austin

    Make sure you cancel the subscription if you don’t want it after getting the trial. 

    Coupon saver $10.00 off here: goo.gl/9D04yE Just copy the goo link and coupon will show in your cart. We love the diapers and wipes from Honest.

  3. I have called the line like 10 times already and it has been busy for hours!! cant get thru and my son pees right through the diapers. he might as well be wearing a napkin!!!

  4. Tilia  I’m almost sure you must be hired to salvage the reputation of this brand, which is consistently accused of misleading marketing in many different ways… the false advertising on Facebook is just one of the examples. Coming from somebody who works in marketing, it’s pretty stupid to “bait” target customers with the promise of something for free, charge them $5 and then sign them up for an $80/monthly subscription. Yes, it is the responsibility of parents to read the fine print but it is also the responsibility of the marketing team to uphold the intended impression that this so-called “honest” company is trustworthy.

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