Honest Tea and Honest Aid only $.20 each plus enter to win a Free bike

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I posted the Albertsons Deals yesterday, but wanted to highlight one of the deals you may overlook.  Honest Tea and Honest Aid are part of the buy 10 save $3.00 instantly promo making them only $.70 a bottle.  BUT many of them have hang tag coupons on them for $1.00 off 2.  Making them only $.20 when you buy 10 and use coupons.
My local Caldwell stadium store have a large shipment in, and have coupons for all of them.  But they are keeping the coupons at the registers (so naughty people don’t steal them and sell them on ebay).  I went and got some this morning, and just had to ask the manager for the coupons.
ALSO you can enter to win a bike, that folds in half (sorry I don’t know the brand, I didn’t pay attention).  This display was in the front of the store near the deli.
NOT sure if all stores will have these hang tag coupons but worth looking for at your local store.
FUZE, Powerade Zero, Glaceau vitaminwater, Smartwater, or Honest Tea $.70  wyb 10
  • Look for hang tag coupons making them only $.20 each

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