How did you do last month?

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I will have my budget review up later today, but I got this email and thought it brought up a few really good points.

“Over the last 3 months, this is the first month I’ve kept track of my spending and savings using coupons.  I wanted to share with you.  My goal is to only spend $200 – $300 per month on groceries and household items.  This month was a little different because I am still building my stock pile and holy cow you should see my pantry now (I wish it was bigger).  So with that being said, I spent $502.20 and saved $1353.12 equally out to a 73% savings.  I thought that was pretty good considering before I started seriously couponing, I would go to Walmart about every 2 weeks and spent $200 – $300 each shopping trip plus my monthly runs to Costco which I don’t even want to think about how much I was spending there.  Couponing is hard work a lot of times, but I love the challenge of finding great deals. ” Thanks Trina

First off I have to say that it is a great idea to keep track of what you are saving, and what you are spending!  Couponing does take work, so if you do not keep track of your savings it is hard to know if it is really worth your time.  Another great point is while you are still building your stock pile you will most likley spend a little more.  But once you have your stock pile, you are able to wait to buy things till they are a price you are willing to pay.  Which saves you a lot of money.   Last but not least, be happy with your savings and hard work!  If you saved $1 or $1,000 you still saved, and you should give yourself credit for that!

 How did the rest of you do in the month of May?

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