How do you eat Trail Mix?

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trail mixRandom Question: Do you like Trail Mix and how do you eat it?

So I decided when I was 5 years old, that I do not really like trail mix.  I would pick at it, eat an M&M but they tasted weird because they had been rolling around with the raisins. I liked all the things “alone”, but packaged together I just did not like the way they tasted.

So fast forward 25 years.  Matt buys a bag of trail mix, then asks me if I want some and I say “No, Thanks I don’t like it”…..He then asks me How I eat it?  I reply  “What on earth are you talking about….I eat it with my mouth, how else would I eat it?”  Matt then tells me to try it all together, it is the combination off all the flavors together that make it good.  SO I try it….sure enough it is really good, taste like a granola bar.   So I spent 25 years thinking I hated trail mix, but come to find out I was just eating it wrong.

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