How I got paid to buy toothpaste.

This week at Walgreens they have a sale ( on the back page of the ad) ?on Colgate Toothpaste. ?You buy it for $2.99 but once you pay you get a Register Rewards ?( a coupons that prints out after you pay, good for your next shopping trip)

So it is like paying .99 cents a tube.
When I went to Walgreens today they have the Whitening toothpaste clearanced down to $2.19 but it is still part of the sale this week. ?So you pay $2.19 and get back your $2 register rewards.
So it is like paying .19 cents a tube.

But you all know I carry my coupon book with me, and I had a coupon for $1.50 off colgate. ?So i?
paid .82 cents and got back $2 in register rewards. So I earned $1.18 from buying colgate. Last day for this sale is Saturday. ?If you have clipped your coupons, go make some money! ?Become your own “ATM” or a thifty mom