How i fell in love with an old man ~ Happy Valentines Day 2013

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happy valentines dayWhen I was a little girl I remember talking to a older lady in my church and she was giving us a lesson on marriages that last. She showed us a photo of her “sweetheart” when they were young and one in present day. I remember thinking WOW her hubby was kind of cute back in the day, and one of the girls in my class blurted out “Your husband was HOT”.  She just grinned and said with a twinkle in her eye, “Yes he was very handsome, but not near as handsome as he is today.”

I then turned to the photo of the wrinkled weathered face in the photo and thought… She must just be saying that to make him feel good. Because there is no way she could think that “old man” is better looking than the “young hunk in the photo” she married all those years ago.

Well here I am 12+ years after marring my “handsome young man” …. his hair is now peppered with grey, when he smiles he has these adorable smile lines that show up all around his eyes.  He groans when he rolls out of bed in the morning due to his arthritis…. Yes we are still young but I see time’s magic wand has left its mark on us over the years.  When I look at the photos of that young man I married I love him with everything my young 20 year old self knew how to love.  But that was only a faction of the love I have for him now… So when did I fall head over heals in love with this “old man” who’s grey hair and wrinkles are about the cutest thing I have ever seen.

I know realize that little old lady teaching the lesson really did think that wrinkled weathered face of her husband was in fact handsome.  That came from years of sticking together threw thick and thin, laughing with each other, saying I am sorry, loving each other,  forgiving, and working hard to build up a relationship that would last a forever!

Happy Valentines Day Matt… I love you!



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