How, NOT to load the dishwasher ~ Wordless Wednesday


I asked my kids to clear the table and put their dishes in the dish washer when they were done eating.  I came back a bit later to start the dish washer and FOUND THIS….ok I guess technically they are IN the dishwasher. But come on…. really they even left the pizza crust on the plate.

No worries I got the “your the meanest mom in the world” look when I made them came back and do it right 🙂

wordless wednesday


  1. I have a picture of my oldest (now 11) when he was about 6 and his “cleaned” playroom.  I had asked him to pick up everything so he did, and put it all in a big stack on the table in the room.  I couldn’t help but crack up laughing when I walked back in the room to check his work, hey he picked it up!

  2. Looks like something my husband would do! Sometimes I am convinced that he puts the dishes away in the wrong places just so I won’t ask him to do it again! (Who puts mixing bowls up with plates and cereal bowls?!?)

  3. sorry I had a laugh because I can just see it. It’s almost as bad as the one time I repeat one time, I asked my husband to put the sheets in the washer. Now all of us ladies know that that meant put the sheets in the washer put soap in and turn it on so it’s washed when I get home. Nope he did exactly as I asked and put them in the washer.

  4. did you give them the “well if you do it correctly the first time you won’t have to redo it” speach 😛 ??

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