How old do you have to be…. to play in a ball pit?

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SO THIS JUST HAPPENED…. (and this is why our hot tub is filled with BALLS not water). I heard Madilyn cry, went to her swing it was empty (she was sleeping). I felt a little panicked…. I follow her faint cry and find her in the BALL PIT, I only could see her little eyes. Big Brother Maveric and his buddy thought it would be fun to let her play with them. Glad I snagged her before she sunk to the bottom…. Feeling a little sick to my stomach. Maveric did not realize he did anything wrong, we as just trying to play with her…. but ACKKKKKKK freaked me out.

Wonder why I have a photo of it… I happened to be taking photos for the blog of a recipe and had the camera around my neck. ¬†Figured I would snap a photo. ¬†After all she was not in danger, and in 10 years we can all laugh about the day big brother put little sister in the ball pit.


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