How to make Jelly Bean Bracelets ~ Kids Craft Ideas

jelly bean braceletThe other day while doing my Costco trip I ran into one of the demo ladies who just so happened to be sampling Jelly Belly jelly beans. You know you love the samples and when you come across a good one you get all excited, right?!  Maybe that’s just me??? :0 Anyway, she had made several bracelets and was giving them away to the littles who came up for a sample. We chatted a bit about what a great and cute idea this was. I just knew I had to make these for the little people in my life.

Yields approx. 10 bracelets

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 bag 9 oz. Jelly Belly jelly beans or regular jelly beans
  • clean/new household needle
  • clear stretch cord .5mm
  • scissors
  • 12 count sachets bags 3.75 inch high x 3.25 inch wide (for delivering your jelly bean bracelet gift) optional


Thread needle with stretch cord. Double knot the end of the stretch cord. Place the eye of the needle down onto a hard surface and gently thread desired colored jelly beans onto cord. Tie up bracelet by double knotting your two ends together. Place in sachet. Give to that special kiddo in your life.

Notes: One important thing I need to tell you about the needle. I used a household needle as they are skinny and didn’t damage the jelly bean. The thicker the needle the chances are the jelly bean will separate. I had to make the eye of the needle bigger by sticking the tip of a sharp knife through it and bending it very gently so that the stretchy cord could fit through it. We found the sachets bags in the cake decorating/wedding section of Walmart. I wanted something fast and easy, but yet pretty. You can also package these up professionally if you have a seal a meal at home. To do this, I purchase clear plastic bags in bulk at our local party store. The bracelets I made were for 3-5 year old wrists. We used approx. 12 inches of stretch cord and 20 jelly beans per bracelet.

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  2. HolliLoweSturgill

    I’m pinning this idea to use for Easter with my middle school Bible class. I’m going to use the jelly bean colors that go along with the salvation bracelets. Thanks for the idea!

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