How to Save Money this year – Black Friday Deals , Stocking Stuffer , Seasonal Tips and Deals

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Black Friday Deals , Stocking Stuffer , Seasonal Tips and Deals

Save on Christmas Yes it is still only August and we haven’t even seen Halloween yet. I only bring this up to bring attention to ways to save money and live thrifty. No we haven’t put out Christmas decorations yet, and don’t plan to till after Thanksgiving. So why bring it up now? Well each year we start buying gifts and pack them away. We keep an eye open for deals all year long.

Just the other day we bought a Wiggles DVD for our little Matthew. He loves the Wiggles and we spotted a new DVD they have at Walmart. Now it is hidden away till the holidays. He doesn’t even know about this new DVD they have, and we know he will just love it.

So often we hear people struggle during the holidays. Every year we receive emails after emails asking for ways to save money. Out side of making gifts out of things you already have, the only way to survive the holidays is to start early. The earlier you start the less of a financial burden the holidays become. No with the year more then half over, now is the time to start to think about your gift giving come Christmas.

To help you with that our goal here at A Thrifty Mom is not to push Christmas on you any sooner then Thanksgiving. I don’t even hang the Christmas lights till the first or second week in December. So we just want to show you deals to save you money.

With the economy forecast still looking like the future is not looking up, lets focus on the good things. Our family, our jobs that we have, or if you don’t, the ability to survive. Let’s survive and save some money. Don’t wait for the deals in December. Who know’s if they will be good enough because the stores are needing to pay their bills too. Sarah and I are putting together posts that will save you tons. So start thinking about what your family would like now.
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.So keep your eyes open for the huge savings that we will be posting. Start now and save yourself money and have a great Christmas this year with no worries about money!

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