how to unsubscribe from junk emails

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There are so many freebies and deals out on the internet that after signing up to get just a few freebies can start to cram your email’s inbox. And sometimes it is so hard to try and find the “unsubscribe” links and then when you find it, it takes you to some website, to click and search for the spot to unsubscribe…

Well here is the coolest and easiest way to unsubscribe to those junk emails! It’s called “Unsubscribe” and it can be used with Gmail, and Yahoo emails.

Simple and easy to do, simply authorize the plugin, and any email you want to unsubscribe from drag it to the Unsubscribe folder, and it takes it from there. It will notify the email sender to unsubscribe you from their list, and you don’t have to worry about logging in, changing statuses or clicking on why you want to stop receiving emails.

So check it out today and stop those unwanted emails

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