HUGE clearance sale at Walmart

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I just ran to Walmart to pick up some duct tape…..I ended up being there almost 2 hours!!!!!  My local store was not only marking down Christmas stuff to 75% off, bu they had marked down many toys to only $1.00. These were all over in the garden area.  Plus they kept bring cart loads of everyday items to the front of the store marked WAY down too.  They had shoes for only $4, Disney Sleeping bags $5, Dog treats .25 cents a bag, light bulbs 4 pack .25 cents, set of 3 pans $5, rubber maid $1.00….the list goes on and on.

Not sure if all Walmart stores are doing a HUGE clearance like this, but my local Caldwell store is.  I had to force myself to leave…I wanted to see what else they would bring out.

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