Human Foosball Game with PVC pipe ~ Group Games #FamilyReunionIdea

Human Foosball with PVC Pipe, quick and easy game for family reunions, youth groups or family reunions #GroupGamesMany of you know my oldest son was born missing half his heart.  He has Hypoplstic Left Heart Syndrome. This has caused him to be much smaller than most kids his size, and also developmentally delayed.  But that has never stopped him from wanting to get involved and be with kids his own age. In our church when you turn 12 years old you can starting going to a youth group every Wednesday.  This has been the highlight of my sons week for a year now, he absolutely loves it.

This week they played Human Foosball, Matthew was the smallest kid to play but that did not stop him.  He was laughing, giggling, jumping and having a blast the whole time.  A few times he was even lifted off the ground as he hung onto the pipe, but he was along for the ride and had a blast.

To make your own Human Foosball game, all you need is a group of kids, pvc pipes (you can find them at your local Home Depot or Lowes)  and a large kick ball. You need 6 pvc pipes, 4 of them longer for the middle and 2 shorter for the goalie.   This can be played in a gym or outside.

You can watch a short video clip of Human Foosball here.

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