I am “Calling in sick”

While at BlogHer I started to get a sore throat, then an awful headache and a runny nose. I tried to go to bed early and just sleep it off, but each morning I felt a little worse. Don’t get me wrong I had a blast, but was a little disappointed I felt crummy.  Lucky P&G happened to be one of BlogHers fabulous sponsors and  in one of my sway bags they gave me some  Vicks Nature Fusion Cold and Flu.  I got it the first night and had no intentions to use it while at BlogHer, and tossed it into my suitcase.  Normally I really try to avoid any type of cold and flu meds…. why you ask?  I am not sure why but holly cow, they make me higher than I kite…. the room starts to spin I get dizzy and the world is “happy place” for a few hours.  I know it sounds crazy but it is true, so I try to avoid them at all cost. I was really starting to feel awful.  My roomates were all dancing the night away at one of the parties and it was only 9pm and I was in my room laying in bed. And I was blowing my nose with a roll of hard scratchy toilet paper.

The next morning I spent some time in the P&G expo booth and happened to spot a box of  Puffs with Vick’s in them.  My sore nose was screaming at me to snag a few.  But they were for display only……  shhhhh don’t tell anyone I totally grabbed a few.  I then just sat there and smelled them.  No joke these are my all time favorite product when I am sick.  Remember those weird little tubes they use to sell that smelled like Vicks and you were suppose to put them in your nose to help open your sinuses.  Well I had one when I was little and loved it.  So now when I am sick I snuggle up with my Puffs with Vicks and it totally makes me feel better.  Well I was feeling a little guilty about my stolen tissues, so I confessed my sins to Kim who works with P&G (I had met her a few nights before).  I admit I was a little worried, hello I had stolen tissues in my pocket.  You’ll never guess what she did…. she gave me a whole box.   I think my nose  just met its new best friend.  My Puffs box stayed with me thru the rest of the conference.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling awful.  I had to leave early to catch my flight, and the last thing I wanted was sinus congestion.  I spotted my Vicks Nature Fusion Cold and Flu in my bag and wondered if it could help me feel better.  But hello, I did not want to be the crazy “high on cold meds lady”  at the airport either.  I decided to take my chances and took half a dose.  This story would be a lot more exciting if  I then announced that I did in fact go a little nutty at the airport.  But lucky for me, instead it worked wonders and I felt so much better.  And my Puffs and I had a great flight home.

My kids were very excited to have Mommy back home.  We had dinner, read stories and they were off to bed.  That is when I noticed I had a fever, cold chills and I feel awful!  I grabbed my box of Puffs, my snuggly blanket and went to bed.  We will see how today goes… but posts may be a little thin.  I am “calling in sick”…….

Please know that I was NOT paid in anyway to promote P&G products, all opinions are my own.  I really am just flat out in love with Puffs with Vicks, and was excited to find a cold and flu  option that my body was able to tolerate.  I may not have my Mom here to take care of me when I am sick, but at least I can have the same products that she used when I was little.  It is amazing how “smells” can bring back happy memories. 

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