I got my Free Taco Shells did you?

Before sales and coupons this would have cost $26.28
I got them FREE
All I had to pay was Sales tax $1.57

To read the details of how to do it click here!
Today I did not shop at my normal Albertsons, I am visiting family. I bought 6 shells for me and 6 for them. But their store had a huge display of them towards the back of the store.  I know my local store ordered a lot in, just for this sale.  But if for some reason your store is out of stock, make sure you ask for a rain check, the catalina will print up till 4-19-09.

I also had $1 off coupons for the Dinner Kits  I got these about 6 months ago.  I waited to use them….It paid off.  Using them with today’s sale and Catalina offer made them FREE.

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