Ice Blocking- Thrifty Fun on a hot summer day

Ice Blocking- Thrifty Fun on a hot summer day

Maybe this is just an Idaho thing…. but a silly game that is always fun on a hot summer day.

To play you will need:

  • A large block of ice (normally sell them at Gas stations for around $1.50)
  • An old towel
  • A grassy hill
  • And a group of friends 🙂

First hike to the top of your hill …

Fold the towel in quarters and lay on top to the block of ice.

Sit on the towel and hold on the the extra fabric (between your legs) to help you keep your balance.  Wear slick shoes, and keep your feet down to help you steer.

Give yourself a little push off… and hang on for dear life.  You will FLY DOWN the hill!!!!!  For little kids a small grassy mound will even do, the hill in the photo was too big for the kids, but a blast for us adults 🙂

Paulin had a blast and said he can’t wait to teach all his friends in France, this crazy thing called Ice Blocking that Americans do 🙂

Little Matthew Saying ready… set… go… to start the race!

Just an FYI … Your bottom will get WET 🙂

Not responsible if you get hurt – like laughing so hard your belly hurts! LOL

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