Idaho and Utah*** UPDATE

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Update #2- I got a call bright and early from my Albertsons store letting me know they got the email telling them it is now Ok to take these coupons.  This is great news!  Not sure what the deal was yesterday, but I am happy they fixed it!

Update***I just got a call from my Albertsons Manager letting me know that they are not able to get the coupon listed below to scan.  Being that they can not get it to scan they are not going to be able to accept them at this time.  They apologize for any problem but wanted me to pass the word along.  Have any of you had trouble getting this coupon to scan?


Do you want a gallon of milk for .92 cents?????

Starting tomorrow ( Wednesday) Albertsons will have their shopper’s value milk on sale for 3 for $5.00 (2%,1% or skim)  that makes them $1.67 a gallon. Click here for a coupon for .75 cents off ANY brand of milk.  Right now if you type in an Idaho or Utah area code , I used area code 83607.  If you use the coupon with the sale it will make it only.92 cents for a gallon of milk! HURRY and print yours before they reach their print limit and are gone! Click here for the link. NOW THAT IS A THRIFTY PRICE!!!!

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