Interchangeable Rainbow Wreath ~ Spring and St Patrick’s Day

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Interchangable Rainbow Wreath ~ Spring and St Patrick's Day, #Spring, #Wreath, #DIY, #Rainbow what a fun idea love thisInterchangeable Rainbow Wreath ~ Spring and St Patrick’s Day

This fun wreath is easy to make and a fun change from a normal wreath.  The best part, with some string, bakers twine or fishing line, you can add a cute shape in the middle and use it through spring when St Patrick’s day is over!

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You will need:

Felt in rainbow colors.  I used one piece of each color

Wreath form (Get a wicker one from the dollar store to save some money)

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

A spice container, or something to use as a template for cutting circles that are around 2 inches in diameter

Fabric scissors


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You will want to start by tracing circles.  If you use anything bigger than a couple of inches, you will need more flannel.  Once you have your circles traced you are going to cut them out with some fabric scissors.  This isn’t hard, but a little time consuming.  Do yourself a favor and do it while you watch television or something to entertain yourself.  Really, you will never want to see another circle in your life. 😉

Once you have all of your circles cut, you are going to glue them on to your wreath form.  This also takes forever but the ruffles look so pretty that it is worth it! Begin with red or purple, since those are your end colors and work your way to the other end.  Put a small dot of hot glue in the middle of the felt circle and pinch it together.  This will help keep it from just falling into a flat circle.

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Once you have glued the circle in the middle, put a dot on your wreath form and place the circle on.  Pinch it for a few seconds so that it will stay attached.  Continue to do this for each circle.  Place them close together to prevent gaps.  They should cover fairly well.

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Once I did my colors, I still had a good size gap left of wreath showing.  I covered it in strips of light blue felt for the sky.  I wanted my clouds to be different from the rainbow, so they wouldn’t look like part of the rainbow.  I cut  them flat, to look like clouds, and just cut 3 different sizes to give it more depth.

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Now, for the shape in the middle.  Using card stock or thick paper, cut your desired shape.  I went with a shamrock out of some sparkly green scrapbook paper I had.  If you want to make it thicker, do two of the same shape and glue them together so that it is double sided. Punch a small hole in the top and hang using string, bakers twine or fishing line.  If you are using a wicker wreath, tie the other end of the string around the pieces of wicker in the back.  Or just hot glue it where you want it.  I also made raindrops that I plan on hanging after St Patrick’s day is over so that I can keep my fun, bright wreath up through spring!

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interchangable rainbow wreath, #spring,#stpatricksday, #stpatricksdaycrafts, #diy #stpatricksdaywreath, #rainbow, #rainbowwreath, #springwreath, #clover, #felt, #thriftycrafts, #easycrafts,

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