Is Costco a good place to stock up and save money?

I am often asked what I think about Costco, and if it is  a good place to stock up.  Yes our family does have a Costco Card, we buy much of our gas there as well as some office supplies and other items.  The most common items for me to purchase are Granny Sycamores Bread ( AKA the best bread on earth in my opinion… and yes it is one thing I pay full price for) we also by Milk, Eggs, Whipping Cream, Tortilla shells, Buns…. the list goes on.  Normally it is just a few items at a time far from the huge bulging carts often seen there.

At one point in my life it was our main “one stop shop” we would go every Saturday, fill up on free samples… as well as fill our cart to the brim with all the stock up deals because they looked and tasted so good.  But we soon found we were spending $100-$300 per cart load on impulse buys.  Many of the things we bought we could not afford but we were trapped into a routine of buying what we wanted, instead of what we needed.

Often as a couponer we are looked down upon for “stocking up”, if there is a yogurt sale and you buy 24… other shoppers may look down at you or say under their breath ” who really needs 24 yogurts”.  Now you know I am  all about playing fair and do not like shelf clearing if the store does not have stock.  But it is funny how the tone changes when all of a sudden you are at Costco, and  it is now fine to bring home a pack of 36 burritos, or 6 lbs of red vines, or a gallon jug of liquid cheese :).   Really these shoppers are applying the same concept of stocking up at the lowest price point ( just without manufacture coupons).

Once a year we get a rebate check for having a card with Costco, I use it each year to stock up on some of the basics like flour, rice, sugar, butter. Which means I was able to get all the items in the photo above for FREE (saved me a $138).



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