Is it a boy or a girl – Kids reaction ~ Cute and easy way to announce baby gender

I was looking for easy but fun way to announce the gender of our new baby…. I think this tiny pink bow on the ultra sound photo did the trick. My kids knew RIGHT away that it was a girl when they saw the pink bow. Fun way to announce baby gender, it's a boy or It's a girl, Baby Announcement Idea. AThriftyMom.Com

We are SO EXCITED to let you know that a sweet Baby GIRL will be joining our family in June. Matt and I were both wrong we thought it was a boy, but are delighted to welcome another little princess to our family. Everything looks healthy and normal, which is such a blessing.
All the kids are excited, Maveric our 3 year old cried at first he really wanted a boy, but after thinking it over decided that his best friend Bunny (that’s her nick  name) is a girl, and he likes her… so he could like a baby sister too. So now all 4 kids are on board and super excited!

We wanted to share this short video with you, of our kids finding out what we are having.  It is funny to see how they each react.


  1. I love the bow idea. Makes me want to frame a profile from each of their ultrasounds with something like that.

  2. So priceless. Way to make this pregnant girl bring tears to her eyes. Maverick is so cute even though he looks so disappointed.

  3. That is flipping adorable! Maybe the cutest most creative, while still being simple, way I’ve ever seen–I love it!

  4. What a cute and tasteful way to do it! I really hate the other pictures some post. If we ever would have another (which is NEVER). I would steal this.

  5. Very sweet! Congrats to all of you who are expecting! May your family be filled with joy, heath, and longevity! 🙂

  6. Congrats!! We just made our gender announcement yesterday and we are having a girl in June as well. So fun!!

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