July 4th Snack Bundles ~ Quick and easy treat idea for Twizzler fans

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by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

4th of july snack bundles, quick and easy treat for your red white and blue partyJuly 4th is right around the corner, it happens to be one of my families favorite holidays.  We are all about RED WHITE and BLUE and showing how much we love America.  We normally go to the parade, swim, have a BBQ and end the day by watching the fireworks.  We also have a tradition that we eat Twizzlers, they are easy to pack,  they hold up in the heat, easy to share and we love them.

I was looking on Pinterest and I saw this cute idea to wrap Pixie sticks up for the 4th of July.  Not sure about you but when my kids get Pixie Sticks they act like they are on Sugar Crack… sure go ahead and suck on a tube of sugar and get it everywhere.  Oh and then CRY because you have slobbered all over the end of your paper straw and now you can’t get to your sugar crack…. and you want me to get all sticky and fix it.  Come one, if you are a Mom  you know what I am talking about right 🙂

So instead I decided to tweak this cute idea to go along with our family tradition…. and that is how the idea of July 4th Snack Bundles came about.  Oh and yes I am sure I am going to get some nasty messages telling me that Twizzlers are going to ruin my children, but I assure you we will be fine… I promise to brush AND floss my kids teeth before they go to bed.    If you do not like the idea of Twizzlers, you are more than welcome to use fresh green beans or sugar snap peas and bundle them up instead.
4th of july snack bundles, quick and easy treat for your red white and blue party

All you need is a bag of Twizzlers, some scrapbook paper and tape.  Cut the scrapbook paper into 3 1/2  X 3 1/2 sections and wrap them around 5 Twizzlers.  Use tape to hold the paper in place.  Simple as that you have an adorable, but yummy treat to share with your family and friends on July 4th.

4th of july snack bundles, quick and easy treat for your red white and blue party


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