Kelloggs deal at Albertsons

You still have time to get in on the great Kellogg’s promo going on at Albertsons this week.  The sale ends Tuesday, this is how one of my readers Dayleene did it.

I ordered 10/$1.00 coupons from Ebay for this Kelloggs deal. I received my coupons in the mail today so as soon as my husband got home from work I ran to Albies.

I bought 10 boxes of Kelloggs cereal and 10 cups of Kraft Mac and Cheese (Austin can’t get enough of these) No coupons for those though 🙁

Right now Albies Kelloggs cereal is $1.88/box. (you buy 5 bxs at a time they take $5.00 off instantly making them $1.88) I used 10 $1.00 Kelloggs coupons. Doubled 5 of those coupons and plus used a $2.00 Catalina from a survey I filled out a couple of days ago. My doubles were for .88 making 5 boxes free right off the bat! My total OOP was $9.35. That is including tax. My receipt stated that I saved $55.09 and I received another $2.00 questionnaire survey.

Without factoring in the Mac & Cheese and the $2.00 survey the cereal was $4.35. The best part of this deal is I am sending in my receipt for a $10.00 rebate.

Guess what?? This transaction has turned out to be a $5.65 MONEY MAKER!!

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