KFC $10 Weekend Buckets for a 10 piece bucket ~ starts 10/12 DINNER IDEA

kfc chicken sale

WOW I think we are going to head to KFC  Saturday for dinner. $10 for a bucket of chicken (that I did not have to cook) is a STEAL of a Deal!

For the first time ever, KFC is offering $10 Weekend Buckets – 10 pieces of freshly prepared chicken for only $10. The limited-time-only offer kicks off on Saturday, Oct. 12 and is available every weekend through Nov. 24. Guests can choose from KFC’s famous Original Recipe® chicken, Extra Crispy™, Kentucky Grilled Chicken® or even the brand’s new Original Recipe® Boneless. And for families who have a hard time deciding on a favorite, they can mix and match any recipe for their $10 Weekends Buckets.

kfc 10 dollar bucket chicken saleThis is a sponsored conversation with KFC I was not paid for this post, all opinions are my own.  I was given gift cards to try the product. 


  1. People want to act like they eat health with these comments. Just be REAL! If you not a veggetarien you all are unhealthy eaters. Fried chicken healthier chicken than mc nuggets, mcnuggets are made from chickens without heads, fast produced injected and all. And half of the organic market is a fake, organic is suppose to be fresh from the FARM to the STORE, and should be delivered and completely sold daily, and what ever does not get sold should be thrown away, anything saved cant be organic cause then It will contain some type of preservative.

  2. KFC $10 meal deal – what a ripoff.  I went to KFC believing this was a great new deal. I received 10 pieces of dark meat.  That deal was previously available every day.  I feel scammed and will not be going back

  3. Except it’s Frankenchicken and full of more chemicals than a science lab.
    No way.

  4. that is like a $1.00 for a piece of chicken, rather go out and but a 2 whole chicken for $10.00, cut it up and baked it, I really very seldon eat fried chicken and I got more piece of chicken, because I split the breast into also

  5. KFC uses Halal meat, I will never eat there again. If you don’t know what Halal meat is and what it means, just look it up, it will make you sick! Boycott and Ban Halal meat everywhere.

  6. My son would kill me. First, I’ve taught my boys to eat healthy, second I taught them to care and the issues with KFC & the rainforrest make this a NO-brainer,

  7. This has been going on In my area for a while now I got it once and it did have two breasts in with the other mixed pieces

  8. I admit Iove KFC, it’s my favorite because of the extra crispy chicken… But it has gotten outrageous with prices & sloppy with their quality the last few times I have been over a 6mo period. It’s a good in theory idea.

  9. No way! KFC is so horrible for you, just like mcdonalds. I choose not to poison mine and my families body!

  10. Thanks for sharing:) good deal. KFC is one of the better fast food chains out there!

  11. oh man I just bought kfc for my sons bday today, I only get it 1 time a year toooo expensive ,..cheaper to make with all sides from wmt

  12. honestly, i dont buy KFC anymore. they’ve gotten so expensive, i just cant afford to go anymore. for gosh sakes, its chicken! the least expensive meat out there and theyre charging $25 and up for an 8 pc bucket! (my husband alone could eat 6 of those 8 pieces!). thats not even enough to feed a family! especially when they throw wings in which have no meat on theml! and really..its INSTANT mashed potatoes too! come on! this is no longer an option for a family meal!

  13. good deal but sadly all KFC’s up here in NorCal shut down:-/

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