Kid’s Art~Easy Craft the Kids Will Love

Crafting with kids, #painting, #rainy day activities, #crafting with kids, #art


Kid’s Art~Easy Craft the Kids Will Love

This was almost a “fail”,  but the kids loved it so much that even though the end product isn’t perfect, it definitely is a great craft for the kids (or an adult) to pass the time!

What you will need:

A canvas


masking tape

paint brush(es)


I thought I would be cheap and just bought a large piece of foam board and cut it into 4 pieces.  I thought it would work the same.  It did not.  Not at all.  If the kids had been the ones pulling the tape off to reveal what was under, it would’ve been a huge disaster!  Trust me when I say that you need a canvas.

I originally thought the kids would want to block of different sections with the masking tape, which is what I planned.  Thinking they would then reveal crisp, white lines and a nice abstract art piece.  They decided they wanted to do something different.  Which was fine, it was their project and if it kept me from hearing “I am bored” for a few minutes that was all I needed!

So tape off sections of your canvas.  Paint everywhere else.

 Crafting with kids, #painting, #kids crafts, #painting with kids, #rainy day fun, #art

Crafting with kids, #fun, #paint, #art, #kids craft, #rainy day activity,

When you are done painting, let it dry for a little while.  You want it to be mostly dry, but if it is all the way dry the tape will not come off quite as cleanly.

Take the tape off, it is easiest if you pull it at a slight angle instead of pulling straight across.  Unfortunately, the only picture that was taken at this phase was of me doing it the wrong way.  The foam board was ripping and I was just trying to salvage what I could!

Crafting with kids, #painting, #kids crafts, #art, #rainy day fun, #crafts, #crafts

Overall, I would still say this was a great, fun idea for the kids.  It kept them happy and busy while stuck in the house on a extremely windy afternoon.  Did it turn out perfect? Definitely not, but it was still fun and they will remember it for a long time! I would say that if you use actual canvases you will definitely end up with a great end product!

Craffting with kids, #painting, #rainy day activities, #painting, #crafts, #kids crafts, #art