Kids Playing Card Holders ~ Family game night tip

 My kids LOVE to play games.  It is a great way for our family to spend quality time together, it teaches them to take turns, and how to be a good sport win or loose.  Plus if you take good care of your games they will last for years… so it is thrifty family fun!

But we found many of the card games my kids wanted to play were to hard simply because their little hands could not hold all the cards.  Matts Mom gave our kids these Kids Playing Card Holders for Christmas.  The have a sturdy base so they don’t tip over, and they hold the  cards  and keep them nice and orderly.  I personally would have never thought to buy something like this…. but my kids are lucky to have a Granny who is also a teacher and is always looking for ways to help her little ones learn and grow.

My kids now can happily play Old Maid ( and not drop all the cards) but right now they are huge UNO fans, having these card holders makes playing the game much more organized!

Amazon sells these (set of 2) for  $9.99, plus you can get FREE super saver shipping on orders $35 or more.

What are your favorite games to play as a family?



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  1. I took 2 plastic lids from the gas station and put a brad through the middle. It works great for little hands

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