Kids School Shopping made easy at Crazy8’s with FREE SHIPPING TODAY ONLY

If you need to get some school shopping done for your kids you might want to go check out the Crazy 8 Sale today, up to 80% off clearance items and lots of other deals listed on their site. But today only 7/15 they are offering FREE SHIPPING with no minimum order.

Free Shipping sitewide with code FREE4FRIDAY at Crazy8

POLOS starting low as $3.99

jeans crazy 8

Boys Jeans Low as $13.92

girls jeans crazy 8

Girls Jeans Low as $6.99

Please note prices may change without notice, This post contains my affiliate links.


  1. Sarah Salmon though you might want to check this out? U0001f600U0001f618U0001f618

  2. Kathleen Schlemmer google it or ask at another sporting goods store or outlet…

  3. Sherry Thiessen if any of their clothes or shoes wear out fast or are easy to fade or tear up and any reason basically that u r unhappy with or dissatisfied with they will take it back return ur money exchange it or satisfy u in some way…for example,i bought a pair of tennis shoes for my lil grandson and he is not hard on shoes or clothes and they got a hole in them and started to wear out way before they should have he had only had them 3weeks when a hole appeared I took them to the store I bought them at,an they gave me the info and under armour acted on it it should be..its an expensive brand I expect a lot from they stand good on their word..i was happy with them and continue to do business with them…:)’

  4. Thanks for the info! I usually wait for the $8.88 Jean sale by I’ll take a look U0001f44dU0001f60a

  5. Hate clothes shopping for my daughter! She is 9 needs a size 7 or 8 in the waist but a 10/12 for length..yeah me let the madness start soon! Lol

  6. My son stepped on a goat dead in his brand new Nike shoes and the air pocket popped. Nike store in Meridian Idaho where he bought them for 149 dollars.said too bad that they do not warranty them for stickers, nails or staples. Not like he stepped on them on purpose. Very Crappie of them. If anyone can send me info how to contact someone from Nike to complain. The shoes are useless and I don’t recommend buying their shoes.

  7. Thanks for letting us know about great deals all the time! I got the hair curler you used live the other day, I haven’t used it yet but it looked very easy when you and you girl was using it. U0001f60a thanks for letting us know about this sale I have a 4 and 12 year old that I need to shop for. Thanks again U0001f618 God bless you and your family! Love watching your videos!

  8. I always got my kids school shoes and clothes at walmart and they lasted forever

  9. under armour will replace any of their clothes or shoes also..i think that’s awesome!

  10. Not within same season can be done anytime actually. Not many people know about this policy.

  11. American eagle has that. They guarantee their products and will replace without receipt

  12. Frankie Stiles follow Thrifty Mom for all the back to school deals and sales. U0001f618

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