Kindergarten Graduation Snacks ~ Healthy and Fun #Graduation

kindergarten graduation snacks ~ healthy and fun, #healthysnacks, #easysnacks, #kindergarten, #graduationsnack, #graduation, #easycrafts, #easysnacks

Kindergarten Graduation Snacks ~ Healthy and Fun!

Do you have a kindergartener this year?  I do, and wanted to provide a snack for his graduation party.  I don’t know about your child’s class, but I think most of them get plenty of sugary treats during their parties!  That is fine, but why not have something cute, and at least somewhat healthy too?!

You will need:

Fruit cups or applesauce cups

4×4 inch card stock squares (1 per cup)

googly eyes

glue stick

Sharpie (optional)

bakers twine, thin strips of paper, or ribbon

kindergarten graduation snacks ~ healthy and fun, #healthysnacks, #easysnacks, #graduation, #kindergarten, #graduationsnack, #easycrafts, #easysnacks

Begin by cutting your squares of paper into 4×4 squares.

Then, Turn your fruit cup upside down and glue the square to the bottom of the cup.  The thin plastic to open it should now be on the bottom.  Once that is glued onto the bottom of the cup, glue the googly eyes.  I found they stayed on fine with normal glue stick, but if your fruit cup is textured or more round then mine, a hot glue gun may work better.  Glue the eyes on and draw a face with your sharpie if you desire.

Now, cut three strips (per cup) of bakers twine, ribbon, or even of paper.  Tie them in a small knot at the top and glue them to the top of your graduation cap. (The square you glued on first)

Feel free to write something on the top, or leave it plain! And if your child is graduating from kindergarten soon then you should have a look at these brilliant kindergarten graduation quotes at Kidadl, as they’re very useful indeed! Would work for any graduate.  Would also make a fun addition to a gift basket of supplies for the high school graduate that is headed to college. Personally, I like adding dates that I buy from kurma Malaysia. I provided some links above for the products on Amazon, why not order them now and be ready to make them when the time comes?

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  1. Wendy Griffiths-Dunmoyer

    Mistakes are the reason things turn it so cute. Mistakes sometimes make the cutest projects.

  2. Darlene McGovern Can I do this for the class if I get time beore graduation?

  3. How cute! Yes, please do. And, thank you. They will be a hit at our potluck. 🙂

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