Kindle Lending Club

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Did you know there is now a way to lend or borrow Kindle Books! That’s great news for Kindle owners or those thinking about buying a Kindle. Only “Lending” enabled Kindle books currently qualify for this service!

This is a service launched by Amazon,

  1. Registration and use is FREE
  2. Any Kindle book that has lending enabled can be loaned by one Kindle user to another for 14 days. At the end of the loan period the title is automatically transferred back to the book owners Kindle.
  3. All you need to “Lend” a book is the name and email address of the person to whom you are loaning the book.
  4. To borrow a book just submit a borrow request and the systen will then attempt to match your request with a lender. You’ll receieve an email when a member loans you a Kindle book. You then have 14 days to read the book after which it is automatically returned to the lender.
  5. As word gets out more and more people will be offering to “Lend” their books so more books will be available to “Borrow”

Sounds pretty cool! Go here to read some FAQ

Thanks ChiTown Cheapskate

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