Kitchen gadget, 10 tools in one!

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Creative kitchen gadgets

I love kitchen gadgets that save me room in the house while still serving a purpose. This is easily stacked together but does so many different things.

?Food grade PP material, environmental health, combining similar to a flower pot, in fact, 10 in 1 fruit cutter.

?Package content: 1 * masher; 1 * apple cutter; 1 * avocado scoop; 1 * citrus cutter; 1 * mesh cutter; 1 * lemon squeezer; 1 * bowl; 1 * grater; 1 * grapefruite squeezer; 5 * picks

?Juicer angular, sharp not to hurt the hand, juicing faster and better, well preserved fruit nutritional value

?Product Size: 240*140mm

?Home essential!!Mom essential!!Summer essential!!

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