Kitchen Gadget Must Have – Butter Knife Curler, Slicer, Spreader

butter knifeThe Most Complete Butter Knife By ButterBlade Streams and Curls For Easy Spreading, Cuts, Slices Butter and Serrated Bread Knife Stainless Steel Cutlery

We tend to leave our butter out on the counter to soften up so we can spread it easily. But often we run out and end up with a big blob of butter in the middle of our bread, because if you try and spread it you rip a big hole in the middle.  I LOVE this cool kitchen gadget it does it all if you are a bread and butter fan!

Whole list Butter Knife Curler and Spreaders here.

  • Serrated:Cuts Bread,Butter,Cheese,Fruits,Vegetables&Foods + Streams,Curls,Slices Butter ALL-In-One Kitchen Knife
  • 100% STAINLESS STEEL: Non-Corrosive, Dishwasher Safe, Rust Free, Safe and Non Toxic
  • Ergonomic & Balanced: STRAIGHT HANDLE (new model) Firm Comfortable Hold and Responsive
  • 100% Product Replacement Lifetime Guarantee
  • EXCELLENT and GREAT Gift Idea for Mother’s Day! Comes packaged in Giftable Box

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