KitchenAid 5qt Mixer under $127 – Cyber week deal at Kohl’s

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KitchenAid 5qt Mixer – Get this TODAY and SAVE!!46885_786560504693556_1968551176_n
8Don’t miss out on Kohls KitchenAid 5qt Mixer on sale while they last!


On sale for $349.99

Update this discount has ended Add to cart get another 10% off – $314.99

Apply coupon code CYBERWEEK for 20% off ($63) total is $251.99 now $279.99

Receive Kohl’s Cash ($15 for every $50)  $75 – Total is $176.99 now $204.99

Submit rebate for $50 (good on purchases until Dec 26) Final total – $126.99  now $154.99


kithenaid mixer kohls sale




  1. I just tried the promo code ‘SAVE25’ and it took off 25% which was greater than the CYBERWEEK 20% off promo code.  
    Question though- the Kohl’s cash you receive with this purchase can only be used on a later purchase?

  2. Trina Williams.. it might be worth it to get this one and return the other…

  3. I knew I should’ve just bought it earlier today. That’s what I get for waiting. =(

  4. UPDATE the 10% received by placing it in the cart has stopped, but the 20% using the code and the Kohls cash is still good!

  5. arghh they just changed this in the last 30 mins, i was just in there looking at the comparison of this one and the 6qt, and it was there then,,,

  6. It’s showing up in my cart now as $349.99 not $314.99. Am I missing something or is the extra 10% off gone?

  7. The 4.5qt only has a 275 watt motor, the 5qt has a 325 watt motor, thats a big difference, and the extra 1/2 qt does make a difference when you’re mixing large or even just fluffy messy things..

  8. Just got my 4.5qt in the mail yesterday that was on sale last week. Really contemplating getting this one and returning the 4.5qt.

  9. They are $184.99 on eBay with free shipping, no sales tax, no rebates, and no Kohl’s dollars to deal with later.

  10. I tried yesterday for the one that was 229 before discounts was unavailable. Went to target the same one was 229 on sale 199 I had red card, pharmacy reward plus cartwheels app and got it for about 175. I am still happy with that. Used it twice today.

  11. Went to the store to buy it there and skip the shipping….got it plus $75 Kohl’s cash and a $50 rebate…..bottom line was $150 and I’ve always wanted one. SO EXCITED!!

  12. Thanks for sharing. I’ve always wanted one of these, but didn’t want to pay the big bucks for it. Now, I will have a beautiful red one thanks to you. 😀

  13. This comes in tons of colors too and for around $185 you can get the Pro series! just use the link above!

  14. Sharon Stites what would you do with it? Those are normally kept in the kitchen:)

  15. Thank you Abigail Palinski she was able to get it. It was the next screen after she placed her order

  16. i use to work at kohls. you print out the kohls cash after the purchase. if it does not print or give the option, print the receipt and take it to the store. they will probably end up having to give a merchandise credit, but thats just as good as kohls cash. its also possible that they would just return the item, and repurchase the item and then they would just print the kohls cash for you. however, it will work. in the 4 years i worked there i never had someone come to me and say “my kohls cash didn’t print…”

  17. i got mine last year at target with multiple coupons $ and % off total purchase and they price matched walmart, and was able to get it down to $100. i was pretty ecstatic. BUT i would have paid more probably to be able to choose my color. they only had white. 🙁 white gets really dirty. lol

  18. They email you the Kohl’s cash in a separate email after you place an online order…

  19. How do you know you will get the khols cash? Trying to help my khols junkie mom order this but she is nervous she won’t get the khols cash because it doesn’t mention it when she checks out

  20. I just found code 20FORU and saved 20% instead of 15%. Total cost minus $50 rebate and $75 Kohls cash is $150.71. Have been wanting this forever!

  21. Yeah it’s a great deal if you shpo khols regularly which I don’t so kohl’s cash is useless to me. I was so excited too 🙁

  22. You must be including the kohls cash in that number because with code and rebate I’m still paying $236

  23. I get it now. Its like spending $17 cause u get back $45 kohls cash ontop of rebate and sale price

  24. Ok I need some assistance. How does the kohls cash work? I thought when you received kohls cash you could only use it on your next purchase. Please help me understand how this mixer will only be $173 after the mail in rebate and kohls cash. Thanks

  25. Cukoos sp? for coupons has a deal up also. They show the price a little lower. ????

  26. Sandra Christianson it is PINK!!! I want to go back to last year and get this one for you!!

  27. Jeremy Youngblood, is so and so still looking for a deal on one of these?

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