La Victoria coupon update

Today I posted about a great coupon for La Victoria.  To get the coupon you had to enter codes from their products…. This post was passed along to me from one of my blog friends in an effort to help you all get a good deal.  Later that day she emailed be back…asking me to pull the post.  One of her readers told her this offer was a fraud.  She has contacted La Victoria but has yet to hear back from them.  One of my readers Holly left me a message letting me know another well know blog had heard back from La Victoria and they did not want these coded posted publicly and doing so was fraud.  These codes were to be used on a personal level. The coupons are good, but the way they were received was not acceptable.

SO let me just say, I post hundreds of deals a month….I try my best to make sure all are legit, and a good deal for you and the company promoting them.  But it is going to happen weather I like it or not…. that some offers turn out to be  no good.  But I will always do my best to keep you updated If I find an offer was not good.

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