Last day to get FREE soda at Albertsons

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Before sales, coupons or discounts this would have cost $14.34

I was able to get it FREE all I had to pay was .22 cents tax


So last night after Matt got home from work I made an Albertsons run.  Felling totally clueless as to what the deals were, being that I have been out of  town.  It made me remember how overwhelming it was when you first start to coupon, and all the sales seem like another language.  But it is kind of like riding a bike, once you learn the basics you can always jump back into.  You may be a little shaky but you can ride.

So I was able to get some Thrifty deals one of them being 6 FREE 2 liter bottles of 7 up. They are $1.20 each but when you buy 3 you get $1.00 off instantly at the register, or if you buy 6 you get $2 off instantly.  My local Caldwell (stadium store) has peelie coupons for $1.00 off 2.  They have the coupons up at the register.  So here is how to can get 6 bottles FREE

  • 6 bottles $1.20 each = $7.20 plus tax
  • get $2.00 off instantly for buying 6 bottles
  • use 3 peelie coupons for $1.00 off ( found at the register)
  • use 3 double coupons from Wednesdays ad ( or use 2 from Sundays ad)
  • Final price FREE all you have to pay is tax

I am not sure is all stores got the soda with peelies on it or not.  But the Caldwell store has a HUGE display in the front of the store.

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