Lazy One Sale ~ PJ’s for the whole family…. Would your man wear these Flapjack Pajamas ?

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man pjs

Christmas gift idea!!!

Finding PJ’s for the whole family can be hard…. finding PJ’s for DAD and be even harder.  If  your looking for a set that is bound to make him smile then you have got to check out this sale Lazy One .  They have stuff for the whole family, Kids start low as $9.99, so many funny ones to pick from this is a great sale… HURRY before they sale out!  This would be a great gift idea for your teen as well.  HURRY sale is 2 days only!

man pjs red

Sale is offered from Zulily, you will need to sign up if you are a new user, it is fast easy and FREE. Type in Lazy One  or Flapjack Pajamas to find this sale.

man pjs barkng spider

These crack me up….. this is just a few of them make sure you check out the huge selection.

Nice Cheeks

Nature Calls

Where the Sun Don’t shine

Barking Spider

man pj and undies

It’s like a ticket to an amazing sample sale. Only members can take advantage of zulily’slow prices. Membership is free and signing up is fast and easy. Once you’re a member, you’ll be the first to know what we’ve got to offer every day.  Zulily events last 72 hours . . . then they’re gone! New brands move in and get their three days on the site

 ALL-DAY SHOPPING, ONE-TIME SHIPPING Place an order, then enjoy FREE SHIPPING on additional orders placed before midnight pt tonight. See all the details on site. Some are already sold out… so HURRY.


  1. There is just something simply wrong witht his ad altogether. 2 women, 2 children and just 1 man??? Not Americana to me. Unless, of course, the cowboy is from Brokeback Mountain! Ewww!!!

  2. I thought my hubby was the only one that used that term so I was really surprised to see the picture! 🙂

  3. Not the pjs, but possibly the undershorts. First time he ever audibly passed gas within earshot of me, he said it was a “barking spider” which was a term I had never heard before. He’s a bit silly sometimes.

  4. Hubby might but we are lucky to have the business outlet by me so I’ll have to go in 🙂

  5. Mine has lol. I bought a pair for him for Christmas a couple of years ago to be funny…. a few months later we went camping with friends and little did I know, he brought them along. So funny. It was the only time he’s worn them though haha.

  6. ya he trying to figure out this pic,does this guy have 2 wives? 🙂

  7. My husband is a goof off so he probably would because he would think it was funny. Not that I would actually buy them for him though lol

  8. Our tradition has always been to get to open a gift on Christmas Eve, which is new pjs and a book for each and a board game. My kids still look forward to it (ages 20, 19, 15, 13 & 10). Also, we don’t open our stockings until New Year’s Eve, just after midnight.

  9. I use to do pjs…but I get tons throughout the year. So now I do a Christmas movie (cartoon). Its an awesome way to get them calmed down and spend some family time together before putting them to bed.

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