Lego City Building Sets

Lego City Building Sets

My kids are really into LEGO City building sets right now. They like building houses and stores and then having their LEGO people buy stuff from each other. The police station and prison island sets are on their wishlists. Right now you can get good prices on these LEGO City building sets. And there’s fast and free shipping available.

Lego City Building SetsCheck out the deals below:

lego-city-prison-islandLEGO CITY Prison Island

  • Features a prison, helicopter, police boat, crooks’ boat and a hot air balloon, helicopter features spinning rotors and an opening cockpit with space for a minifigure
  • Accessory elements include binoculars, 2 walkie-talkies, backpack, 2 banknotes, crowbar, 2 flashlights, 2 handcuffs, weight bar, coffee machine and 2 mugs
  • Comes with 8 minifigures: a male police officer, female police officer, police chief, police pilot, 3 male crooks and a female crook, plus a shark
  • Prison Island (including helipad) measures over 12″ (32cm) high, 13″ (34cm) wide and 10″ (27cm) deep, Police boat measures over 1″ (6cm) high, 3″ (18cm) long and 3″ (7cm) wide
  • Stage a hot-air-balloon or boat getaway and then help the police round them up

lego-city-police-stationLEGO City Police 60047 Police Station

  • It has 7 minifigures: 3 policemen, a policewoman and 3 crooks with assorted accessories; Also includes a police dog
  • This set comes with a police station, control tower, radar dish, garage, lifting barrier, helipad, roof hatch, 2 jail cells, toilet, bed, and 2 surveillance cameras
  • Vehicles include a police car, police motorbike, helicopter with 2 side compartments and a crook’s tow truck with a grappling hook
  • Police station is over 12″high, 17″wide and 6″deep; Police car is over 1″high, 4″long and 1″wide; Police motorbike is over 2″high, 2″long and 1″wide
  • Crook’s tow truck measures over measures over 2″ high, 4″ long and 1″ wide; Police helicopter measures over 3″ high, 7″ long and 1″ wide

lego-city-fire-stationLEGO CITY Fire Station

  • Features a Fire Station with 2 garages and a firehouse, in 3 modular sections to build, with a total of 9 different building combinations
  • Also includes the fire chief’s car, fire truck with cherry picker, helicopter and a hot dog stand
  • Includes a flashlight, walkie-talkie, fire extinguisher, axe, saw, coffee machine, mug, bone, chicken leg and 2 sausages
  • Fire Station measures over 12″ (31cm) high, 16″ (59cm) wide and 9″ (29cm) deep, fire truck measures over 3″ (9cm) high, 9″ (24cm) long and 2″ (6cm) wide
  • Slide down the fire pole just like a real firefighter then use the cherry picker, helicopter and all the tools to fight the fire

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